Balance & Calm Organic Facial Oil for Oily Skin

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Balance & Calm Facial Oil for Oily Skin 50ml

Our skin needs Balance & Calm Facial Oil to fight damage. Dry skin is when you don't have enough oil on your face Dehydrated skin occurs when you don't have enough water on your skin. Oil thrives on the top layer of your skin; Water thrives on your skin - where it is trapped by this oil.


  • Fights Damaged skin
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Strengthens moisture barrier

This is your moisture barrier, embedded in the Calm Facial Oil barrier to reduce the evaporation of valuable skin substances. And here's a facial oil - applying it before or as a moisturizer, in addition, strengthens your moisture barrier and protects your skin with added nutrients.

For extra ingredients we recommend using our Radiance brightening facial serum with grapefruit & orange serums absorb quickly into your skin, making them an excellent next step after cleansing.... Our serum helps to brighten your skin or reduce blemishes, whilst also focusing on boosting hydration or fighting the signs of ageing.

If your skin is oily, use Balance & Calm facial oil to soothe, regulate and stabilize sebum production, lock in precious moisture, and ensure your skin looks firm and radiant. Our facial oils can also be used in a multi-layer combination with your favorite Buddhist beauty cream.


    Prunus Dulcis, Vitis Vinifera, Rosa Canina, Lavundula Angustifolia (Lavender), Pelargonium, Graveolens (Geranium).

    How to use

    Dispense a small pump of facial oil onto your fingertips and gently press it into your cheeks, forehead, and chin. This will distribute the oil evenly. Now stroke the oil upwards and sweep over the nose and mouth area, avoiding the delicate eye area.