Do you know what is in your skin care products and how they were made?

Over the years we’ve managed to educate ourselves on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are now much more conscious of the things that we put inside our body as we are aware of the consequences. For example, we know that to feel good and healthy our body needs to be fuelled with nutritious food and water; not filled with junk food and alcohol. Of course we need to get that balance right to maintain a healthy mind as well! However, we are less conscious and aware of things that we put on our body. For example, do you know what is in your favourite beauty products? Do you know how your daily cleanser was made? How about your body lotion? And that face mask you swear by every Sunday night? Do you know whether or not it was tested on an animal before it reached your bathroom cabinet? The answer to all those questions is most likely – no. But you’re not alone, the majority of people have no idea what kinds of things they’re slathering on their body, or the process they’ve gone through to get there, and that’s a worry. So many big companies, all over the world, use harsh chemicals and ingredients in their products and actually test their products on animals. Here at Buddha Beauty, we are completely against this practice and so all of our products are completely cruelty-free and never tested on animals. What’s more, all of our beauty products are suitable for vegans. We only use gentle, natural ingredients to ensure they’re not too harmful or irritating to the skin! We have a huge range of products including: Toners Cleansers Face Scrubs Face Masks Facial Oil Face Creams Body Butters Body Washes Handmade Soap Massage Oils Konjac Sponges Plus, so many more bath, beauty and skin care products. We believe it’s important to take notice of what we put on and near our bodies, as well as what goes inside.

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