Summer is no time for unsightly feet

Summer is a bit of a catch-22 when it comes to our feet; the heat and open shoes can cause some wear and tear on our little tootsies but it’s also the time when we want our feet looking their best!

So what are we to do?

There a number of steps we can take to keep our feet looking happy and healthy.

First and foremost; protect them from the sun. Many of us neglect our feet when it comes to sun cream but they need protecting too! Our nails are also susceptible to sun damage as they’re made of protein. Too much sun can cause burning and leave the skin on your feet dry and aged.

We tend to get hard and cracked skin on our heels during the summer, because of the dry weather and the fact that we wear open-backed shoes frequently that causes our heels to rub against the shoes. Use a pumice stone to get off the hardened skin and always moisturise afterwards.

Moisturising your feet regularly ensures they stay hydrated and look healthy all throughout summer. To give your feet an ultra-pamper, a cooling foot cream is ideal.

Our cooling foot cream is a great treat for hot, tired feet that have just finished a hard, long day. The peppermint instantly cools and reduces any inflammation you might have on your feet and soothes them, ready to face the next day!

It seems to work even better if you get your other half to do it for you – hey, who doesn’t love a good foot rub?

This Organic Cooling Peppermint Foot Cream is just one of our vegan skin care products for you to try this summer!

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