Why choose cruelty free skincare

Whether you’re a dedicated animal lover or can’t stand our furry partners in crime, testing on animals is a highly controversial and continuously debated topic. It’s also no secret that the world’s population lives a sheltered life where everything is packaged and provided for us; including our skincare products. In short, we have no idea what the products we are consuming have been through before we slap them on our faces.

It’s the lifelong struggle of finding that perfect moisturizer which complements your skin type so well you want to scream from the rooftops with joy then finding out its not cruelty free; on one hand you want to cling onto it for dear life and on the other hand you’re fighting your moral instincts to protect your four legged friends.

Here at Buddha Beauty, we’ve compiled together our top 3 reasons to make the switch…

Get your money’s worth

If you’re an avid spender on skincare products shelling out £20 per bottle of toner, you’ll likely sleep better knowing your hard earned cash has gone to fund a respectable brand and is not funding the unspoken truths the products in our local store hold.

Save the animals

Purchasing a cruelty free brand is one step in the right direction on the journey to the end of animal testing. By not adding to the profits of the big companies who endorse or abide by the laws of animal testing, you have practically helped save one little fur ball.


are used to test how we as product consumers may react to a range of chemicals. Despite the horrors they endure, we may still react to these chemicals in the end. Going cruelty free means swapping out your tube of chemicals for a natural alternative. Not only do the animals suffer, the chemicals in the products can be very harsh on the skin whereas cruelty free tends to be a gentle substitute.

Have we convinced you to swap out your skincare products? Let us know!

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