The Lowdown on the Activated Charcoal

The newest craze which has beauty bloggers across the world jumping for joy is the activated charcoal face mask. These masks can be homemade by mixing a cocktail of activated charcoal powder with anything from glue to gelatine, or they can be shop bought in a tube. As one would expect, these masks are as pitch black as you can get. It’s practically like painting a black hole onto your own face!

Despite the odd trend, it is widely known that activated charcoal can hold many beauty benefits for our skin. Here are a few of the benefits that can be found…

  • It makes pores smaller and cleans them. As we go on with our day, we unknowingly collect toxins and when these toxins enter our pores, they become pimples. Activated charcoal binds to and helps to remove dirt from the pores, making them less visible and more cleaner.

  • Say goodbye to oily skin! Those who have an excess of oils on their face may have just found the product that they have been looking for. Using activated charcoal on oily skin helps to remove excess oils and leaves the skin smooth. On the other hand, do not be tempted to overuse the product or you could dry out your skin.

  • It is said that activated charcoal is good at treating acne, depending on how severe your case is. This is because it absorbs the oils and toxins below the skin, ensure that they do not irritate the skin further and cause a breakout.

Although we do not have an activated charcoal mask as part of our skincare products, we do have an activated charcoal konjac which works beautifully on oily and acne prone skin. It is approximately 8cm wide, meaning that is fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! Get in contact with the team at Buddha Beauty to find out more!

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