The Benefits of a Couples Massage

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect way to remind your special someone how much you really love them. That’s where we come in! Here at Buddha Beauty, we are offering a pamper pairs massage complete with complimentary strawberry’s dipped in chocolate and prosecco! What better way is there to celebrate Valentine’s? Here are the benefits you can gain from a couples massage…

  • Whether you use the time to catch up with one another or prefer to sit in silence, there is an unspoken bond that occurs during a couples massage. This is because you are simply spending time with your partner in a location where there are no pressures from outside circumstances. The experience encourages a bond between new couples or strengthens the bond which already exists, helping you both emotionally connect.

  • On its own, massages are known as a way to relieve stress. With relationships can come difficulties- however a couples massage is the perfect way to put any stress behind you both and live in the moment. After all, nothing is worth sacrificing quality time together! Plus, external stress such as pressure from work is often forgotten during a massage, allowing for the experience to wash away the stress from all aspects of life.

Here at Buddha Beauty, we pride ourselves in the different forms of massage treatment we offer, as well as our range of skincare products which allow you take the beauty of the salon into your own home! Whether you’re looking to treat your special someone or spend some quality time together this Valentine’s, get in contact with Buddha Beauty to claim your complimentary treats today with our pamper pairs massage!

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