Treat Her Like a Queen This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is creeping around the corner so fast that it is hard to imagine that it’s been 10 weeks since Christmas! Mothering Sunday falls on the 26th March 2017 and is the perfect time of year to show your mother how much she means to you. If you’re really good at surprises, planning will come naturally to you, however for those who may struggle to make it the best Sunday of the year, here are a few tips from the team here at Buddha Beauty…

  • You cannot go wrong with an extravagant, fancy meal on the town when it comes to Mother’s Day. If you aren’t usually the sort of people who go to exclusive restaurants, maybe it’s time to dig a little bit deeper into your pockets and splash out on a five star dining experience. Not only will be it be an experience to remember, you’ll experience a whole range of exotic flavours that will make your taste buds explode.

  • When planning comes natural to you, it is easy to organise a series of exciting events throughout the day in order to make your mother feel appreciated, engaged and happy. But when planning is not exactly your forte however, simply ordering her favourite flowers and locating them in different locations with attached messages of gratitude can go a long way.

  • You will get bonus points if you also treat her to a massage! Motherhood is stressful and hard work, even when all the kids have flown the nest and began families of their own. A massage is the perfect way to allow your mother to relax and take advantages of the peace and quiet. Plus, our staff here at Buddha Beauty are experts when it comes to massages.

No massage is complete without silky smooth skin afterwards. After all, you will want to feel revived from head to toe. Our skincare products offer the perfect opportunity to receive the best post-massage after care treatment. Get in contact today to find out more information!

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