The Benefits of a Manicure

With the continuous popularity of acrylic nails it is no surprise to discover that manicure are one of the most requested beauty treatments in the world. In fact, it is not only women that the service is marketed towards as a manicure is perfectly suitable for both genders. With the nail and beauty industry booming, the team here at Buddha Beauty are going to tell you a few benefits that can be gained from a manicure…


If you find that your nails are constantly breaking they may be lacking in strength. Thankfully a regular manicure can replenish this and much more. After all, your nails need to be adequately moisturised and nurtured. By having a manicure you are constantly

on top of their condition which means that any damage is minimal.


Just like regaining nail strength, you also need to ensure that your nails are healthy and if you’re completely unsure about what to do it is best to consult the professions. After all, they have experience in the best treatments that will boost the health of your nails. From cuticle oil to a smooth nail bed, there’s a lot that can be gained from regular manicures.


Believe it or not, going for a manicure is not all about strength and health and many people go in order to have their nails painted too! In fact, a professional paint job is more relaxing than doing it yourself and there are a whole range of different styles to choose from!

Here at Buddha Beauty, we know all too well how important it is to take care of our skin and nails which is why we offer a range of high quality manicures at our salon. In addition to taking care of your nails, it is also important to keep your hands adequately moisturised and our range of skincare products are the perfect solution! For more information about our range of hand butters, speak to a member of the Buddha Beauty team today!

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