New Year, New Facial Serum

Here at Buddha Beauty we know how important taking care of your skin can be. Luckily the new year presents the perfect opportunity to make any necessary changes to your 2018 routine. After all, the last thing you want to do is carry on with a treatment if it isn’t showing any results. Luckily, the Buddha Beauty range has expanded and we are proud to introduce our new facial serums! Read on to find out more information…

What are serums?

The beauty industry is full of moisturisers and creams however very few people know what a facial serum is. In short, a facial serum offers moisturising properties however it is still necessary to use an actual moisturiser at the same time. In addition to this, facial serums can be quite oily in texture however they are not necessarily considered an oil. Serums are applied after cleansing your face but before moisturising in order deliver wrinkle defying and redness eradicating molecules straight to the skin.

The Benefits

By adding a serum into your skincare routine you are providing extra protecting against the elements. In fact, a serum is particularly helpful for people with acne prone skin because regular moisturisers leave a layer on top of the skin that blocks the pores and since a serum is much thinner in texture it means that the skin can absorb it faster and prevent breakouts.

In addition to this, oily skin can be a nightmare to control so the last thing that many people want to do is add moisturiser. Luckily, a serum can help combat this issue and create a less oily completion. The problem is that removing this excess oil too often can cause the sebaceous glands to create even more oil because they think that the skin is too dry and they overcompensate. It’s the same principle as washing away the good oil in your hair, causing it to overproduce and require washing every single day. In these circumstance, a facial serum helps keep the face hydrated enough so that the glands do not overproduce oil.

Skincare depends on many factors which is why the industry is so varied. For example, there are products catered towards sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin and even combination skin in order to ensure that every single person is able to use the products available on the market. In fact, facial serums are said to be perfect for all skin types! To find out more information about the new addition to our range of skincare products, get in contact with a member of the Buddha Beauty team today!

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