The Benefits of Incense Sticks

Here at Buddha Beauty we are strong advocators of incense. After all, there are dozens of benefits that burning a stick can provide, not only mentally but physically too. Aside from our range of high quality vegan beauty products, we also have a very diverse range of incense sticks on offer that can really make a difference to your mood. Read on to find out a few benefits of incense sticks...


The aromas that are given off from burning incense sticks can be extremely soothing for the mind, especially when you have had a hard day at work. Here at Buddha Beauty our relaxing incense sticks are a fused blend of cardamon, cedar wood and pachouli.


Another way to unwind and ease the tension from your life is to take up meditation. After all, it gives you time to focus on yourself, your troubles and your problems in order to avoid having the weight of your world on your shoulders. Using incense during meditation can be extremely grounding and our range of meditation sticks are made from a blend of sweet vanilla, warm sandalwood and chamomile.

Improved Sleep

There can be a million reasons why a person would struggle to sleep. From depression to insomnia, it can be physically and mentally traumatising for the body to deal with. Luckily the aromas given off from burning different kinds of incense sticks can greatly improve the quality of sleep that an individual receives.

Sometimes there may be a reason to burn incense such as during a meditation session however other times they can simply help you focus and even increase productivity. After all, they have been proven to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain and naturally aid recovery from depression. To find out more about our range of skincare products and incense sticks, get in contact with a member of the Buddha Beauty team today!

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