All about Black African Soap

So what is African black soap? African black soap is a all natural soap originating from countries in Western Africa such as Ghana and Nigeria. Black soap is free from chemicals, holding specific beneficial properties that combine to make a rich soap thats benefits our skin. Want to know more about it? Read on to find out the benefits this soap has which makes it a must-have for every skin routine.

African Black soap benefits:


African black soap holds a natural antibacterial property. Making it a great alternative to a chemical cleanser as it actually removes more bacteria than a chemical cleanser would do.


As the key ingredient to the black soap is shea butter, as well as it containing Cocoa pods and Coconut oil it makes an amazing moisturiser.


Black soap contains vitamins A&E. Both are antioxidants, which can be helpful for those of you who suffer from conditions such as Rosacea.

Fights Acne

One of the benefits you may know African black soap for is the ability for it to fight acne. As it has antimicrobial properties helping to kill the bacteria on your skins surface, thats causing you to breakout.

Reduce  Hyper pigmentation

Many of us suffer from sun damaged skin or even scares from blemishes. If you incorporate using the black soap daily then you will help to reduce this.

So after hearing about all the amazing properties that the African black soap offers. Why not try our soap bar? Infused with lemon essential oil. Offering amazing benefits as well as leaving you smelling amazing.

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