What is Maskne?

Having spent the last several months in lockdown we are now adjusting to our new way of life which includes wearing Facial masks whenever you want to go to your local shop, supermarket or when using public transport.

Many of us will not be accustomed to wearing Facial Masks for prolonged periods of time and are experiencing skin problems from them, so today we look at Mask Acne or "Maskne" and what the cause of this is as well as ways to prevent and treat acne to keep you looking your best even if it’s covered by a mask!

Maskne is the redness or break-out in spots caused by the friction and heat from the material rubbing against your skin. This type of Acne is called ‘Acne Mechania’ and anyone can get this! It is especially common with athletes. As well as the mask causing friction it also produces heat which in turn creates sweat that will block up your pores. The mask also traps bacteria, oil and even makeup which can cause blemishes, spots and redness.

How to prevent Maskne?

Wash or replace your mask regularly

If you have bought a reusable cloth mask or you have made one yourself it is important that you wash them after every full day of use to avoid bacteria and dirt building up on the mask as this would block your pores and cause spots and redness.

If you have the disposable masks it is extremely important you change them over as often as you can to assure you don’t wear a previously worn mask again as the dirt from a previous day will still be on the inside of the mask.

Skincare tips

  • It is important you wash your face before and after you wear the mask as the build up of dirt, oil and bacteria underneath the skin will cause breakouts, redness and irritations

  • If your skin is already irritated you should use a Cleansing Wash to avoid any further irritations caused by essential oils. Using a cleanser will remove the excess sebum that is building up in your pores.

  • Avoid washing your face too much as this will dry out your skin and make it more susceptible to redness and irritation.

  • Keep your skin hydrated by using a moisturiser or facial spray such as a toner to improve the protective barrier on your skin to combat free radicals and dirt from building up underneath your mask.

  • Adopt a minimal makeup look to avoid adding makeup into the growing list of pollutants your skin has to fight off !

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