Winter Skin Care Tips

Let's be honest not many of us like the cold weather, we would all rather be indoors with a hot drink keeping warm. But with winter coming means one thing colder temperatures bringing dry air and drier skin. Are you noticing the effects of winter on your skin? Then these tips can help get you through it.

Why Dose Your Skin Suffer in Winter?

Cold weather and humidity being low can leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated, as the cold air saps the moisture from it. It's not just the outside factors that make your skin suffer its the changes we all make to accommodate to the colder weather. Let's admit it in the winter time the heating  is on constantly drying out our skin. You see artificial heat dries the air out, making the moisture evaporate from your skin inside as well as out.

Has your face turned red? This is down to rushing in from the cold to a lovely warm building making the capillaries in your face expand, leaving you looking like a tomato.  Finally its  just something about shorter day that leave you feeling fed up and tired, causing you to skip on your skincare. You still want that clear skin, but you wont get that if you're skipping on your skin routine, so remember to always cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday and never sleep in your makeup, no matter how much fun you had at your works party.

Our Top Winter Skincare Tips

After reading the above your probably feeling like its a losing battle against the seasons, am I right? Well thankfully there are a few your skin can survive over winter. Reduce dryness, breakouts ,redness and achieve that healthy glowing skin all year round by just following these tips.

Stay hydrated

You might think this is obvious for when its a scorching hot summers day. But when its the winter not lot of us don’t drink enough water, hot drinks are the go to in winter. But water is the key to proper hydration. It pumps the skin ,encourages collagen production and flushes away toxins, stoping them breakouts. Hydration is key to the skin especially in the winter months as its important not to strip it of essential oils.

Keep on top of your skincare routine

Remember to carry on cleansing your face daily. It may be that its winter you need to swap for a hydrating cleanser for extra hydration. Now toning, especially in the winter time avoid using alcohol-containing products as these will dry your skin out further. Carry on moisturising twice a day for best results massage it into your skin for 30 seconds to maximise the effects.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate 

We can all admit when our skins feeling dry we reach for the moisturiser. But if your just adding moisturiser and not exfoliating then your skins still going to feel dry. So to combat that dryness exfoliate twice a week.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is super important during winter for a few reason. With your skin feeling dry& dehydrated it makes fine lines more apparent. With the skin around your eyes being very delicate it can easily get chapped. So make sure you apply that eye cram.


re for your Chapped Lips

Our lips are often the first casualty to the winter weather resulting in that to familiar case of chapped lips. As hard as it sounds avoid licking your lips, and help seal in moisture by regularly applying lip balm regular. 

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