Combination Skin Facial Oil


Combination skin types are often a mystery to most, and it's reasonable to ask whether it's possible to have oily and dry skin simultaneously. It is, and the most common issue with this skin type is an oily T-Zone (Nose, chin & forehead), and flakier or drier skin on the rest of the face.

Combination skin, therefore, can often be treated with different products for different parts of the face. At Buddha Beauty, we've turned a complex routine into a simple one. A Facial Oil that specially treats combination skin and restores your face's natural healthy glow.

Multi-Active Combination Skin Facial Oil

  • Dispense a small pump of facial oil onto your four fingertips, now rub these together and gently press onto your cheeks, forehead and then chin. This will be the best distribution of the oil, now stroke the oil upwards and swipe over the nose and mouth area (avoid delicate eye area). Lastly go over your lips.

  • Prunus Armeniaca, Prunus Dulcis, Corylus Americana, Lavundula Angustifolia, Olibanum, Chamomilla Recutita.

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