Calm English Lavender Votive Candle

  • £7.50

Calm English Lavender Votive Candle 9cl

Our Lavender-Scented Candle has an earthy, floral scent that’s as unique as its wonderful purple hue. Commercial functions humming around in thick summertime sunlight. Lavender has known relaxing, anxiety-reducing effects.

Lavender is most commonly known for its relaxing qualities– whether it’s a prescription for restful sleep or a tonic to ease anxiety and stress.

Why not try our range of home fragrances to leave your home with a long-lasting pleasant smell.

    How to use

    Before lighting, ensure the candle is clear of all obstructions, on a non-flammable level surface, in a room free of all drafts.


    Soy wax, rapeseed wax, and fragrance oil.

    Recycling & Zero Waste

    Glass holder with a cardboard box. Fully recyclable.