Calm Lavender Reed Diffuser

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Calm English Lavender Reed Diffuser 100ml

Our Lavender-Scented Reed Diffuser has an earthy, floral scent that’s as unique as its wonderful purple hue. Commercial functions humming around in thick summertime sunlight. Lavender has known relaxing, anxiety-reducing effects

The Lavender Reed Diffuser is most commonly known for its relaxing qualities– whether it’s a prescription for a good twilight slumber or a tonic for nervousness and pressure, it helps overcome spirits and explains a great benefit to accommodating you chill out.

Why not try our range of home fragrances to leave your home with a long-lasting pleasant smell. 


  • A great alternative to candles
  • Our diffusers hold up to 100ml
  • and can last up to 10 months 


  • Volume: 100 ml
  • For: gift / present
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Features: Diffuser
  • Scent: fig olive & blossom

How to use:

Unscrew collar, remove inner cap, and place reeds into the oil. Turn reeds every 2 weeks.

Recycling & Zero Waste:

Glass bottle, plastic stopper, and plastic silver collar. Recyclable glass and cardboard packaging.