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Cleansing Rosemary & Thyme Votive Candle 9cl


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Cleansing Rosemary & Thyme Votive Candle

Our rosemary votive candle has a woody, cool crisp herbal fragrance. This scent will delight you. it's a robust fragrance that has long been known for its cleansing effects and this is often bound to lift your spirits. Woodlands and herbs characterize this earthy votive candle, which’s great for cleansing the air and invigorating your mind.

Why not try our range of home fragrances to leave your home with a long-lasting pleasant smell. 

  • 100% Natural Clean Burning Soy & Rapeseed Wax
  • Wick: Cotton (Lead and Zinc Free)
  • Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil
  • Paraffin wax free
  • Burn Time 20 Hours

How to use

Before lighting, ensure the candle is clear of all obstructions, on a non-flammable level surface, in a room free of all drafts.


Soy wax, rapeseed wax, and fragrance oil.

Recycling & Zero Waste

Glass holder with a cardboard box. Fully recyclable.

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Cleansing Rosemary & Thyme Votive Candle 9cl

Cleansing Rosemary & Thyme Votive Candle 9cl