Frankincense Toner Water

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Frankincense Toner Water For Mixing Face Masks

Frankincense Hydrosol is perfect for those with dry skin, but anyone can use it! It helps add extra hydration, and Frankincense has naturally occurring antioxidants that help with firming the body's skin and gives your body's skin a youthful glow. A facial mist with Frankincense Water can help with restoring your body skin’s natural moisture barrier to maintain fresh-looking body skin. Make a unique blend using one of our Buddha Beauty pure clays and your choice of Flower Water to create the great home care mask.

Frankincense Hydrosol is a Hydrating Facial Mist with Frankincense water which is made of natural Frankincense. With our no-alcohol or alcohol-free formula, our Frankincense hydrosol is a perfect addition for all body's skin types! For those with dry or dehydrated body's skin, Frankincense Flower Water benefits by adding that extra moisture and hydration that your body's skin needs. Hydrate your body's skin naturally with our Frankincense hydrosol! You can now create your own facemask, bespoke your mask to your own body's skin.


  • It's the purest form of Floral water.
  • Great for gifts & using in personal care products.
  • Frankincense floral water helps to healthy the skin and remarkable cosmetic properties.
  • No matter your skin type the flower water is ideal for cleansing and fortifying your skin.
  • Simply transfer essential oil or mix your own blend in our bottle using a pipette or a dropper.


  • Source: Handmade
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Type: Mixing Face Masks
  • Skin Type : Oily, Combination, Sensitive, Normal
  • Materials: Aqua, Anthemis nobilis Flower Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

How to use :

  • You can use them as a facial toner or you can add them to your bath.
  • This flower water is for use with our pure Clays. Blend the two together to create a beautiful mask for the face or body.
  • From improving gut function to maintaining oral health, Frankincense Flower water is something everyone should consider using on their skin.
  • It can be used at any time of the day, so bring it with you anywhere to refresh your face and re-hydrate your parched skin.
  • Simply take a few teaspoons of flower water and sprinkle two teaspoons of clay on top. Leave for a few moments until they blend then mix to the desired consistency. For a thinner mask add more flower water. Apply the mask in an even application.