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Maskne Recovery Set (Covid Mask Induced Acne)


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Maskne Recovery Set (Covid Mask Induced Acne)

Are you being affected by maskne? You are not alone, we have created a set to help solve this inconvenience many of us are experiencing at the moment. The powerful maskne preventing properties of this set consist of rebalancing and restorative ingredients such as frankincense and French green clay, which also reduce the signs of ageing.


  • 250ml Uplift Pro Gel Cleanser
  • 100ml Pomegranate & Apricot Skin Polish
  • 100ml Regenerating Green Tea Clay Mask
  • 100ml Restorative Facial Moisturiser

Cleanse - Uplift Pro Gel Cleanser

Oily or blemish-prone skin types will love this gentle gel cleanser. It works like a light, foaming face wash and will thoroughly remove makeup and impurities.

Exfoliate - Pomegranate & Apricot Skin Polish

This will provide extra exfoliation which will increase the blood circulation in your face, remove dull dead skin cells, and improve surface texture.

Detoxify - Rebalancing Green Tea Clay Mask

Our Green Tea mask is enriched with French Green clay and Kaolin Clay, this mask is great for slowing reducing the signs of ageing, helping to eliminate wrinkles while also cleansing the skin of dirt and excess natural oils.

Moisturise - Restorative Facial Moisturiser

If you want to assist your skin to regenerate and renew itself as you sleep, you’ll love our new, luxury night cream. This product is a true beauty all-rounder.

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Maskne Recovery Set (Covid Mask Induced Acne)

Maskne Recovery Set (Covid Mask Induced Acne)