Bamboo & Olive Room & Pillow Spray

  • £15.00

Bamboo & Olive Room & Pillow Spray 100ml

A fresh and clean Olive Room & Pillow Spray aroma that’s slightly grassy and a touch woody. It’s both refreshing and calming, like walking with bare feet on dewy morning grass.

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  • All our oils are 100% pure oil.
  • All oils are tested for purity and subjected to rigorous quality control standards.
  • All oils are PETA-approved as cruelty-free and Vegan.


  • Volume: 100ml
  • For: Room Spray
  • Type: Essential Oil
  • Material: Peppermint
  • Sub-Type: Essential Oils

Patch Test:

Patch test a small area of the fabric to ensure color-safe before full use. 

Recycling & Zero Waste:

Recyclable glass bottle with metal cap and plastic pump system.