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10 Facts about Aloe Vera

10 Facts about Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant species which grows wild in tropical climates. In fact, this miracle plant holds a shocking amount of health benefits for medicinal purposes, beauty purposes and agricultural purposes. We’ve put together 10 surprising, yet relevant, facts about aloe vera you probably didn’t know…

Aloe vera gel, which is a clear jelly substance found in the middle of the plant, can be used as a makeup remover.

Cleopatra used aloe gel on her body as part of her beauty regime.

Evidence shows that aloe gel can be used to treat minor burns on the skin.

The gel- which is extracted from an aloe vera plant- has around 75 different vitamins, amino acids, minerals and even enzymes.

When ingested, aloe vera can help to treat diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and osteoarthritis.

Typically, applying aloe vera can help treat the effects of dry skin, psoriasis and sunburn by providing immediate relief.

Aloe vera acts as a natural moisturiser which means that it is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The aloe gel inside an aloe leaf has been called a natural first aid solution due to its ability to treat and heal wounds on the skin.

The natural healing properties of aloe means that it can help treat, if not relieve, the symptoms of severe acne.

The skin is similar to a piece of elastic which means that it can expand and contract to accommodate growth- however if it stretches too fast, such as during a pregnancy, it becomes damaged and stretch marks form. Aloe gel can help these fade by healing the wounds created.

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