About Us

picture of buddha beauty founder

It was back in 2010 That I entered the beautiful country of Thailand.

A country that stole my heart in just a few days. It’s called the land of smiles for a reason. The people are warm and inviting always happy to help.

In those days Thailand was so cheap and for as low as £5 you could use a street salon its a little dearer these days but not by much. Then you has the more high end luxury spas with out door pool and something that is truly a stunning experience is an outdoor therapy space.

I had been training in holistic therapy qualifying as an aromatherapist, reflexologist and body masseur and I was also lucky enough to be cabin crew. So I made it a point that every country I visited I took a massage or spa treatment. To borrow ideas and learn new technique. So many places offer the most stunning treatments but Thailand was the place that created the spark of an idea.

Whist enjoying an outdoor massage I suddenly became aware of the scents in the air the heady top notes of citrus as the Lemongrass scent filled the room. Fresh clean and heralding a journey towards balance and renewal. As it lingers in the air, it whispers tales of ancient wisdom and modern healing, inviting all who encounter it to embrace its embrace.It was this moment

A flash revelation inspired me to create products that harness the power of nature without harming animals or the environment. To create a brand with an holistic approach to skincare that respects the delicate balance of the skin biome and the natural environment it comes from.

Creating a professional vegan skincare brand back then was un heard of veganism was still very much a small community unlike it is today with it being a rapidly growing in awareness and more and more people gluing plant based.

Through our collaboration with the beauty industry and continuous innovation, Buddha Beauty Skincare stays ahead of the curve, offering salon-tested products that prioritise both efficacy and ethics.

My vision for Buddha Beauty Skincare is to provide consumers with a guilt-free option – one that nourishes the skin while also honouring the planet and its inhabitants.

Through transparency, quality, and a genuine passion for ethical practices, I aim to set a new standard in the beauty industry, inviting you to embrace a skincare routine that's not only beneficial for your skin but also for the world around you.

A journey that since 2010 has been nothing short of incredible. I've been honoured to receive awards, including the Best Vegan Skincare Brand in 2020 plus multiple others, and it's all thanks to Mine and my teams unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. 

I'm incredibly proud to say that Buddha Beauty Skincare calls the heart of North England its home. Base in Salford Manchester it fills us with pride, as we continue to spread the love and goodness of our brand throughout the UK.