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3 Reasons to Moisturise

3 Reasons to Moisturise

There are far too many people in the world who go days, if not weeks, without correctly moisturising or moisturising at all. Here at Buddha Beauty, we’re going to set the record straight by telling you our top three reasons why we should all be moisturising…

Throughout the day, our skin loses moisture and it is our responsibility to restore it. This is particularly vital after a bath or a shower. In order to rehydrate skin that is extremely dry, it is best to opt for a heavy moisturiser.

Not only do moisturisers restore moisture, they help to seal in moisture that is already there. Occlusive moisturisers will form a barrier on top of our skin which will prevent the moisture we already have from escaping.

When we scratch our body to ease an itch, we damage our skin subconsciously. Similarly, when we have a patch of initiated skin, the skin has been damaged in some way. Moisturising can help soothe irritation and damage, especially when they contain ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile. This is why after sun tends to contain aloe vera as it helps soothe the damage sunburn causes to the skin.

Moisturising is a way we can protect and look after our skin and that’s why we sell a range of different moisturisers as part of our vegan skincare products range. Get in contact with the Buddha Beauty team today to find out more information today!

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