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3 Things to Know About Konjac Sponges

3 Things to Know About Konjac Sponges

Every month it seems like there’s some popular new beauty tool on the market that everybody goes crazy over and, just as March comes to a close, the Konjac sponge is making an appearance. It is used to wash your face and surprisingly it doesn’t rotate or vibrate. It does, however, look very similar to a kitchen sponge. In Japan, Konjac Sponges are very popular and these porous root vegetable face cleaners hold a few little secrets. Here are 3 things to know about konjac sponges…

They are very gentle. In fact, they are more kind to your skin than a scrub which means they can be used for daily exfoliation. Plus, they can even be used on sensitive skin, rosacea and dry skin.

Have you ever struggled to remove all of your make up without scrubbing off twenty layers of skin in the process? Soap, water and a konjac sponge will do just that without having to turn your white cloth into a makeup rainbow.

Anything that allows you to exfoliate your skin is guaranteed to make it appear more radiant. In fact, the more often you use it, the better the results you will receive! After all, who doesn’t want super smooth and glowing skin?!

If you’re looking for a product as promising as the konjac sponge, check out our vegan skincare products. The team here a Buddha Beauty promise nothing other than relaxation and rejuvenation!

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