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An Introduction To Using Serums

This is a how-to for beginners if you've never used serums before. 

Concentrated skincare products called serums are made to get active ingredients deep into the skin. They are typically used prior to moisturising, following cleasning and toning.
Serums are an effective supplement to any skincare routine and you may start using serums with confidence and have healthy, glowing skin by following this beginner's approach.

1. Choosing A Serum
Pick a serum that addresses the issues with your skin: Each type of serum on the market is designed to address a distinct skin issue. Vitamin C serums, Hyaluronic Acid serums, and Retinol serums are a few examples of common serums so choose a serum that specifically targets any issues with your skin.

2. How To Use A Serum
Serums should be applied to clean, dry skin after cleansing and toning. Apply a pea-sized amount to your face and neck. Considering how concentrated serums are, a little goes a long way! Using circular motions with your fingertips, gently massaging the serum into your skin will help it absorb. Ensure that your entire face and neck are covered. 
Allow a few minutes for the serum to completely seep into your skin before applying a moisturiser. 
3. Best Used With Additional Products
Serums function best when combined with additional skincare products like a moisturiser and sunscreen. In order of consistency, layer your skincare products from thinnest to thickest. For optimal effects, apply serums consistently. The majority of serums are intended for daily or biweekly use. For optimum results, check the label for directions on use!
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