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Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Over the past few weeks, the team here at Buddha Beauty have been hard at work introducing you to our new range of pure oils one blog at a time and this time we are going to over the wonders of hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is a nutty oil that comes from the raw seeds of a hemp plant. The benefits that can be gained from this magnificent oil are incredibly renowned and it has been noted as a dietary supplement as well as a beauty aid. Here are some of the benefits…

The raw forms of hemp seed oil are able to provide a range of essential amino acids. If the body was to be deprived of these amino acids, it is possible for genetic mutations such as cancer to occur. With this said, some believe that there is sufficient evidence to say that hemp seed oil can help curse cancer because these amino acids are available in such an abundance.

The oil contains fatty acids which are very good for maintaining healthy skin. This is because these fatty acids are able to moisturise the skin perfectly. In fact, many face creams will include hemp seed oil as a listed ingredient.

Similarly, many herbal hair products such as conditioners, shampoos and hair oils will include hemp seed oil as a listed ingredient due to its ability to thicken the texture of the hair and prevent dandruff. Plus, head massages using this oil are apparently able to improve the blood circulation to the head and brain.

With another oil description down, the team here at Buddha Beauty can’t wait for you to get your hands on these new pure oils! For more information on the range of skincare products we sell on our website, get in contact with the experts here at Buddha Beauty for more information!

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