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Busting the Skincare Myths

Busting the Skincare Myths

Taking care of your skin can be a battle, especially when there are so many different products on the market promising to be the next best thing. In order to ensure that you make an informed decision and part with your money without any regrets the team here at Buddha Beauty have decided to put our myth busting caps back on and expose the truth about the most common skincare myths on the internet…

Myth: Tanning beds are okay as long as they don’t contain UVB rays

In every single instance it is important to remember that tanning is bad for your skin no matter what however healthy doses of natural sunlight does provides vitamin D, a nutrient that we require. Over exposure however can lead to skin cancer and one variation of ultra violet rays known as UVB rays is the most deadly. With this said, just because a tanning bed claims to not have UVB rays it doesn’t mean that it is any better for you. After all UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are just as dangerous.

Myth: The is only one type of skin

No one person is the same which means that it is only right that our skin is different too. Over all there are four different types known as normal, oily, dry, and combination. In addition to this, there are also skin types that are prone to decolorisation, acne and sensitivity too. Due to this it can be difficult to find a product that works well, especially when beauty products are made with normal skin in mind. In conclusion, it is safe to say that there is definitely more than one skin type.

Myth: Skin problems are down to genetics and we can’t change them

Whilst it is true that many skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema can be hereditary, everyday problems like sensitivity and redness are often caused by other environmental

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