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Detoxing Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body so it’s important to give it a little extra love.
A skin detox is a great way to improve your skin health & improve issues like dull, dry, irritated or acne-prone skin.
Here are the benefits of the detox process and the steps you can take to remove impurities & improve your skin health.

1. Drink Water
A first simple step to detoxing the skin is drinking as much water as possible & trying to cut out fizzy drinks & other unhealthy fluids in your diet such as caffeine & alcohol as these can dehydrate the skin.

You should aim to drink around 2 litres of water each day. If you can’t see this being a reality for you, try turning to green tea rather than sugary, fizzy drinks.

Water can regulate our body temperature & lubricate joints as well as assisting in digestion & nutrient absorption. Water also provides a detox for the skin & the rest of the body by helping remove waste products & eliminating them in urine, sweat & breath.

2. Cut out Processed Foods & Refined Sugars
One of the most significant steps to detoxing the skin & body is related to diet. Sugar & processed foods are thought to be the root of todays public health crisis including obesity and the development of chronic lifestyle diseases such as heart disease.

This is why we recommend an alkaline diet, rich in vegetables & low in animal protein, sugar, saturated fat & salt.

A good detox skin diet is one that contains plenty of fruit & vegetables. Healthy fats eg. nuts and seeds are also vital for maintaining both healthy skin & hair, so try to include sources of these in your diet too.

3. Avoid Alcohol
A detox for healthy skin also means staying away from alcohol as much as possible, avoiding smoking and while it is important to get some sun exposure, take precautions like using a high spf.
Caffeine is also a diuretic & can contribute to problems like dry skin & dark circles and should be avoided during a detox for healthy glowing skin.

4. Regularly Use a Face Mask
A Purifying Clay Mask, used once or twice a week, will go a long way towards detoxifying the skin & preventing breakouts. Our range of face masks cater to all skin types and provide the perfect booster for your skin. Always cleanse your face before using a mask.

5. Take Salt Baths
Using bath salts such as our Relax Detox Bath Salts, is a good natural remedy for the skin and can help lessen symptoms associated with a variety of skin conditions.
They can also assist with the removal of dead skin cells, making the skin appear smoother & less dull.

6. Get a Good Quality Sleep
Whilst sleeping our brain is recharging and organising all the thoughts & feelings from the day. During this time, the brain also oversees the removal of toxic waste products that have built up whilst we were awake. Therefore getting enough good quality sleep is essential.

If we suffer chronic lack of sleep, our brain cannot perform these important functions leading to the build up of toxins that can impact the body & skin.
Adults are advised to get between 7 & 9 hours of sleep. If you are struggling to sleep, try our Lavender Room & Pillow Spray to help you relax.

7. Stick To a Good Skincare Routine
 A good skincare regime should not rely on products which are too acidic or filled with harsh chemicals, as these can strip the skin of its natural oils. When going through a sensitive skin detox, the products you need are a good quality cleanser which should be used with warm water every morning & night.

Cream cleansers are better for those with sensitive, dry skin. A high quality day & night cream is necessary to lock in moisture & provide anti-aging benefits by reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

In summary, several substances can play a role in skin ageing & damage. Removing or avoiding these substances as much as possible can help maintain skin health.
There are many things you can do to promote healthy skin, such as cleansing the skin, staying hydrated & adopting lifestyle changes such as the points mentioned above... and you'll have gorgeous glowing skin in no time!

Love Llewelyn x

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