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Eco Friendly packaging

Eco Friendly packaging

We are taking steps to be more recyclable by using plastic free packaging for our products.

We use FSC cardboard boxes, paper tape, fully biodegradable Eco-flo foam peanuts and Protega Globals Hexcel wrap.

Our Cardboard Boxes are made in FSC certified forests which means we are contributing to a change that will help preserve forests for the future. These are recyclable and reusable making them better for the environment.

Hexcel Wrap is a paper alternative to Bubble wrap which is 100% recyclable and has biodegradable material content. There are several benefits to using a paper alternative, for a start, it is as mentioned 100% Recyclable and compostable unlike its plastic counterpart. The paper alternate is also made using FSC paper. FSC paper is gathered from Forrests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship council which take care of forest land as well as the species that live there. The FSC conserve forests all across the world by restricting the use of hazardous chemicals in the water, using only FSC approved harvesting practices and providing jobs for the local communities.

Another alternative to bubble wrap are packing peanuts or EcoFlo loosefill, these are fully biodegradable which means they are not harmful to the environment unlike bubble wrap which would take hundreds of years to decompose. As well as the ecoflo loose fill being biodegradable they also provide a much safer journey for the travelling items as the products can be fully emerged within the peanuts where as bubble wrap can only protect the surface.

Finally to secure our deliveries we use a paper tape which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable this is better for the environment when comparing It to the more commonly used plastic tape. Paper tape is also water-resistant. The paper tape is better at securing a box as it is much stronger than a plastic tape and creates a bond with the box cutting down on replacing broken products if they were to break during the delivery process.

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