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How can a body oil be dry?

How can a body oil be dry?

You know us here at Buddha Beauty; we’re very educational and we love nothing more than teaching you all about the products and ingredients we use, and why we use them.

We get a lot of questions regarding our “dry” body oil with people wondering how an oil can be classed as dry. Of course, it’s a completely valid question and the description can be seen as quite contradictory.

When we refer to a dry body oil, we simply mean an oil that is non-greasy, light and provides the skin with a satin sheen rather than an oily residue. All of the facial oils and body oils we have here at Buddha Beauty are quite light it’s just the dry oils are more lightweight than the rest.

Even those with oily skin can use our dry body oils; something you can’t do with typical high street products. Many people will have avoided using any kind of oil product on their body for fear of exacerbating oily skin; with our dry body oil you can still have that silky smooth finish on your skin.

We’ve currently got four dry body oils that we use in our salon and that are available to purchase; Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Rose & Frangipani with Shimmer.

Bergamot holds many benefits and properties, including:

Reducing stress and anxiety, Speeds up healing process and Helping to fight bacterial infections

Sweet Orange has its own set of benefits such as:

Immunity booster, Anti-inflammatory, Detoxifier and can help with acne and other skin problems

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