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Reasons for Bad Skin Condition

Reasons for Bad Skin Condition

If you have ever looked in the mirror and suddenly realised just how bad the condition of your skin is then this blog is just what you have been looking for! In fact, your skin can tell you a great deal about your general health and how well you take care of your body as a whole. Read on to find out a few reasons why your skin may not be looking so healthy…


Our body reacts to stress by raising hormones levels and in certain people this can lead to breaking out, redness, irritation and even severe acne. Due to this, you may find that no matter what changes you make to your lifestyle the bad skin just won’t seem to shift. Fret not however as there are plenty of way to deal with stress so that is doesn’t affect your skin. For example, take time outs in order to relax or hit the gym to release any built-up tension.


We truly are what we eat so if your diet is incredibly unbalanced and filled with fatty foods then your skin will reflect that. In fact, vitamin A helps eradicate dryness where as antioxidants are necessary for the protection of collagen. This means that eating too few of these kinds of foods will undoubtedly cause your skin to suffer. Try changing your diet and see if the condition of your skin changes.

Skincare Routine

Sometimes bad skin boils down to the way that you look after it. In fact, most spots and breakouts are caused by a build up of oil and dirt on the surface of the skin which is why it is so important to wash your face everyday to remove it. You should also protect your skin with a suitable and high-quality moisturiser and always remember to remove your make up thoroughly.

Here at Buddha Beauty we want to be able to help our clients in each and every way we possibly can. Unfortunately, some problems are down to the lifestyle that people are living and the only person that can help the situation is themselves. Luckily, the team love offering advice and our range of high quality skincare products are sure to assist with clearing up your troublesome skin! Get in condition with a member of the Buddha Beauty team to find out more information!

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