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Reasons to Use Bath Salts

Reasons to Use Bath Salts

Here at Buddha Beauty we believe that natural and vegan products are the best way to enjoy taking care of your skin. In fact, products that do not contain harmful chemicals are said to be more suitable for the skin and also reduce irritation and sensitivity. Our range of bath salts here at Buddha Beauty are made from natural ingredients like Epsom salts, Himalayan pink salts and a range of soft oils to help detoxify the skin. Here are a few reasons why you should use bath salts…


The use of bath salts is something that has been carried out for many years and since they are derived from natural substances the effect on our skin is something that cannot be ignored. After all, many high street products tend to be pumped full of chemicals that can leave our skin feeling sore and irritated. On the other hand, Epsom salts are crystals of hydrated magnesium sulphate and are incredibly gentle on the skin.


The minerals found in many baths salts include magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. When we use bath salts these minerals are absorbed through our pores and are great at detoxifying the skin of impurities on a molecular level. Not only can this improve our skin tone it can also reduce fatigue, improve bone health and balance the moisture levels in the skin.


Sitting in a bath filled with bath salts is known to have a calming and soothing effect that can improve our mood and relax our muscles. This is because the salts are often infused with oils like lavender and chamomile which are known to have a relaxing effect on our body both physically and mentally.

Bath salts are a great way to treat your skin and help boost your mood without using harsh chemicals. In fact, our skincare products span far and wide and our bath salts range has six different options including our relax, revive and renew selection. To get yourself spring ready, get in contact with a member of the Buddha Beauty team and ask about your bath salts range today!

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