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Should you use a Face Mask?

Should you use a Face Mask?

Here at Buddha Beauty, we say absolutely! Whether you’re male, female or something in between, a face mask is one of the best treatments you can provide for your skin. They have numerous benefits and make you feel as if you’re getting a salon worthy pampering from the comfort of your own home. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here are 4 reasons why should add a face mask to your beauty regime…

It is deeply relaxing. Yes, face masks don’t just benefit the aesthetic appearance of your face but they are also known for being therapeutic. They should be used as a luxury for the best effect and can help lift the troubles of a stressful day at the office.

They cleanse deeply. We all know how well your average daily cleanse can benefit your skin by removing dirt, oil and make up however a face mask draws out further impurities from the skin which hide deeper than the top layer. Some people say this is a skin ‘detox’.

Say goodbye to clogged pores. Masking helps remove dirt and absorbs excess oils, thereby eliminating a build-up within the pores. It removes dead skin cells and in the long run, will help prevent the clogged pores mixing with bacteria and turning into blemishes.

Gives you glowing skin. Masks with a tingling formula can help stimulate blood circulation and the process of the mask drying causes the blood vessels to expand. These coupled together gives an overall improvement to the skin tone and leaves behind softer and smoother looking skin which glows.

At Buddha Beauty, our vegan skincare products include an Apple, Avocado and Aloe Clay Face Mask which is perfect for a bit of ‘me’ time and, together, these ingredients make the perfect combination for detoxing the skin. Get in contact for more information!


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