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The Benefits of Body Lotions

The Benefits of Body Lotions

Everything we do removes moisture from our skin which is why it is essential that we replenish and replace it. One way we can do this is from the inside out by drinking the recommended daily amount of water everyday however very few people actually consume as much H2O as they should. Luckily there is an another method that can help with skin health! Read on to find out a few benefits of body lotions...


If you work in a job that can be harsh on your skin it means that your body is simply crying out for body lotions. These kind of careers include cleaners, where the harsh chemicals can dry out and irritate the skin; hairdressers, where the water can dry out the skin; and builders, where the hands on work can cause callouses. Using body lotions can replace this lost moisture and help keep your skin hydrated regardless of your career.


Having dry skin can be a hard thing to get control of however adding body lotion into your routine can make all the difference. After all, contrary to belief dryness doesn’t only affect the face and applying a body lotion to your entire body after you shower is very effective, especially if you take hot showers as this heat can actually dry out the skin further.


Interestingly dead skin sheds every 28 hours and every 28 days we will regenerate an entirely new layer of skin. When you use body lotions you help speed up the amount of time it takes for dead skin to be released and work to keep the new skin that is replacing it in tip top condition.

The benefits that can be reaped from body lotions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to taking care of your skin. After all, hydration and relaxation can come in many different forms and here at Buddha Beauty we have such an extensive range of skincare products that you are certain to find the perfect one for your skin type! To find out more information about our range of body lotions, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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