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The Benefits of using a Foot File

Have you ever tried filing your feet? Or are you not quite sure what this is? 
Often feet are overlooked and not the main focus of a self care program, but it's so important to keep our feet healthy, soft and smooth.

What is a Foot File?
A foot file is a tool used for exfoliating and removing rough, dead skin from the soles of your feet that has built up over time. A foot file is a fantastic way to keep your feet in good condition and to achieve cleaner, healthier feet.

Our Buddha Beauty Foot File is a high quality easy-to-use file which contains over 190 precision micro-files to eliminate super dry skin.
This foot file is great for callused skin and cracked heels keeping your feet in optimal condition. If you invest in a foot file and combine it with one of our luxury foot creams, it will leave your feet feeling clean, refreshed, soft, supple, and irritation-free.

Benefits include:
Softens calluses: A foot file can help soften and remove thick, rough calluses that can cause pain and discomfort.
Improves Circulation: Regular use of a foot file can help improve circulation in the feet, promoting overall foot health.
Prevents Fungal infections: By removing dead skin and reducing the accumulation of moisture, a foot file can help prevent fungal infections such as athlete's foot.
Promotes Smooth Skin: Regular use of a foot file can leave feet feeling smooth and refreshed, promoting overall foot comfort.
Easy and Convenient: Foot files are easy to use and can be done at home, making foot care convenient and accessible.
How to Use
Always use a foot file on DRY skin. Do not wet or soak your feet before filing. Wet skin masks problem areas. Making sure the skin is dry will not lead to over-filing or damage the skin on your feet.  
Simply use gentle strokes with your Buddha Beauty foot file over the soles of your feet with the easy to grip handle for superior exfoliation. Gently file the heels, the sides and the balls of your feet. There is also a no-mess cover which catches filings and empties easily! 
Apply one of our gorgeous scented Calming Foot Creams to apply after exfoliating.
Relax in the comfort of your home, put on your favourite music, and treat your feet to the best pamper in the world! 

For a comprehensive self-care routine, consider adding Gua Sha to your regimen. This traditional technique, combined with regular foot care, ensures your entire body stays refreshed and well-maintained. Additionally, explore our range of facial oils, facial cleansers, and face scrubs to enhance your skincare routine. For men, we offer a dedicated line of men's skincare products to ensure everyone can enjoy a complete and luxurious skincare experience.

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