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What Is A Facial Serum?

What Is A Facial Serum?
We’ve all been guilty of not knowing what a facial serum is! Serums can be confusing and you might not even think you need to use one for your daily skincare routine, so let's talk Serums and why our skin needs it!  

A serum is a water or oil based light weight moisturiser containing high concentrates of active ingredients, its intent is to deliver these powerful ingredients directly into your skin. It is made up of small molecules making it particularly suited to this job. 

But can facial serums replace hydrating moisturisers and facial oils? The answer is No. 

Even though facial serums help the skin retain moisture, this doesn’t mean they can replace traditional rich facial moisturisers or facial oils. 

We still need moisturisers to create a barrier on the top layer of our skin and ensure all the good stuff is kept in. 

What benefits will using the serum actually do for me?

Lots of benefits is the answer!

Texture -  using a facial serum everyday will improve your skin allowing it to become firmer & smoother, leading to a visibly younger looking skin and reducing the signs of ageing. 

Scaring, marks & spots - these will begin to lighten with regular use, particularly if you use plant concentrated serums. This allows your skin to heal without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Pore size - helps reduce the size of your pores and will lessen your chance of blackheads & whiteheads leaving you with a clearer complexion. 

With daily use a serum can help reduce redness & dryness leaving your skin looking fresh and moisturised. 

With so many reasons to begin using a facial serum, let's talk about our own natural, organic, vegan Grapefruit & Orange Facial Serum that we create in-house and sell at Buddha Beauty. 

With our water based serum, we’ve chosen to use vital ingredients so your skin receives the maximum nutrients.

Grapefruit - We’ve chosen Grapefruit as it s packed full of benefits that make it an amazing ingredient in serums. This oil is a natural astringent & antiseptic allowing it to clear up excess oil and fight acne by killing germs that have built up on your skin. 

It also contains a natural diuretic which will help reduce water retention especially in the eye area.

Orange - Yes orange! Derived from orange peel, this oil is packed full of goodness. Orange is a natural skin brighter and can reduce dark spots, fade blemishes, and help scaring. This wonderful oil is also a circulation booster insuring each & every skin cell receives nutrient rich blood to keep it healthy & functioning well, promoting a healthier glowing skin. 

Orange is also known to fight off ageing by decreasing wrinkles & can improve your skins elasticity by boosting collagen production deep within your skin. What more could you ask for in an all natural vegan serum! 

On top of these amazing ingredients, we’ve also added another few to keep your skin in perfect condition. 

Additional ingredients:

- Avocado oil - a rich source of Vitamin A & C essential to boost skin hydration, after all we are made up of 60% water. 

- Papaya - this little magic fruit will soften our skin making it irresistible to touch and giving us a flawless finish with or without make up. 

Strawberry extract - we love fruit at Buddha Beauty so we also added an extra boost of strawberry for cell renewal and to create even brighter skin. 

How to use our Grapefruit & Orange Facial Serum:

- Use Grapefruit & Orange Facial Serum twice daily, right after your morning and evening cleanse & tone. 

- Apply a small dot onto your hands and apply to your face, then follow with our Daily Hydrate Facial Moisturiser or our Hydrating Jasmine and Chamomile Night Cream. It’s as simple as that! 

Using natural vegan skincare products keeps your skin healthier instead of packing chemicals and nasties found in a lot of the commercial high street brands. Eg. Lanolin is a common ingredient in high street products but it can clog pores and cause acne. 

If you have any questions, please drop me a line and I'll be happy to discuss our products that are right for you.

Love Llewelyn x
Buddha Beauty Founder 
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