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Winter Hydration for the Face & Body

Winter Hydration for the Face & Body.

During the winter months we can all feel the effect the weather has on our skin. Cold weather, dry air indoors and harsh winds outdoors can all have an effect on the skin. Many areas of the body contain no sebaceous glands so can really suffer during the winter.

With the right steps we can help you protect you skin and keep it looking its best throughout the coming months

To keep your skin smooth and hydrated, time permitting, regular exfoliation should be done 2 to 3 times per week is best. Removing dead skin can keep your skin looking fresh and smooth and allow your chosen body lotion to penetrate.

Moisture, moisture, moisture

We all know the benefit a good cream can have on the skin. Using one of our body lotions is the perfect way to hydrate your body, each lotion is packed with Vitamin E, Shea butter and natural moisturising elements, helping lock in moisture and keep your skin at its best.

Face Creams

Using a face cream that offers the best hydration is key. Our Ultra Hydrate Jasmine & Chamomile Night Cream is a must have winter product. Designed to slowly penetrate deep into the skins layers while you sleep and offers long lasting moisture to the skin.


As you will know drinking plenty of water is must do to keep hydrated. Regular small glasses of water are the best way but drinking at least nine cups of hydrating fluids daily (including water) will help. Coffee, tea, and fizzy drinks don’t count. (Caffeinated drinks are diuretics, meaning they can trigger the body to eliminate water.) so choosing herbal caffeine free teas, fruit juices or Indulge in watery foods, such as soups and fruit.

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