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Revive Your Glow: Unveil Radiant Skin

Midnight Orchid Hair & Body Wash

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Midnight Orchid Hair & Body Wash

Imagine bathing in the ambrosial essences of the night—a twilight sanctuary where each scent has been meticulously chosen to carry you on a celestial voyage right in the comfort of your bathroom. Welcome to the realm of our Midnight Orchid Hair & Body Wash.

As you uncork this bottle, an intoxicating bouquet bursts forth, like a nocturnal garden coming alive under the light of the moon. The sensual, heady notes of midnight orchid and ylang ylang unfold, creating an atmosphere of opulent mystery, akin to a night blooming flower. Just when you think you've reached the zenith, the uncommon richness of black truffle graces your senses, an earthy bass note that grounds the composition in luxurious complexity.

But what's a moonlit escapade without a touch of celestial sparkle? Sweet blackcurrant adds a juicy fruitiness that lightens the blend, like twinkling stars in the night sky. And as you emerge from this scented reverie, a final waft of bergamot illuminates your experience with its zesty brightness, serving as your morning sun.

Beyond this symphony of scents, the formula takes pampering to an indulgent new level. As you massage the rich, velvety foam onto your skin and through your hair, you're not merely cleansing but revitalising your very essence. Each use leaves your skin and hair not just clean but spiritually refreshed, invigorated by the nourishing touch of our specially curated ingredients.

So why meander in the ordinary when you can luxuriate in the extraordinary? Don't just wash—indulge, elevate, and transform your daily routine into a transcendent experience. Because every inch of you deserves the poetic luxury of Midnight Orchid, Ylang Ylang, Black Truffle, Sweet Blackcurrant, and Bergamot. Elevate your senses, and order now. Your ethereal journey awaits. 🌙✨🌹

Our midnight orchid scents are absolutely fabulous! We stock a moisturiser with the same scent called the Midnight Orchid Hydrating body moisturiser.



One-and-Done: A combined product is convenient for quick showers, especially if you're in a rush or want to minimize the number of products you're using.

Travel-Friendly: Carrying one bottle that serves multiple purposes can make travel more convenient and reduces the number of items you have to pack.


Cost-Effective: Buying a single product instead of two can often be more economical.

Less Waste: Using a single bottle means less plastic waste, which is better for the environment.


Multi-Functional: These products are generally formulated to clean both skin and hair adequately, making them versatile.

Ideal for Gym or Outdoor Activities: If you're someone who frequently goes to the gym, hikes, or engages in other activities where you need to shower right after, a combined hair and body wash can be very useful.


Simplified Routine: If you don't have specific skin or hair issues that require targeted treatment, a combined hair and body wash can give you a decent clean for both.

Good for Less Demanding Skin/Hair Types: If you have normal skin and hair without special needs (like extreme dryness or oiliness), a combined product may work well for you.

Aesthetic and Sensory:

Unified Scent: Using one product for both hair and body can give you a uniform scent, which some people prefer.

Texture and Lather: Many of these products are formulated to provide a satisfying lather, adding a sensory pleasure to your shower routine.

How to Use

Start the Shower or Bath: Turn on the water and adjust the temperature to your liking.

Wet Your Body and Hair: Step under the water to thoroughly wet your hair and body. This prepares your skin and hair for effective cleansing.

Pour the Product: Take an appropriate amount of the hair and body wash into your palm. The amount will depend on the length of your hair and how much body area you need to cover.

Apply to Hair: Begin by applying the product to your scalp and hair. Massage it in using your fingertips, creating a lather. Be sure to cover all areas, including the back of your head.

Rinse Hair: Once you've massaged the product into your hair and scalp, rinse thoroughly until all the product is out of your hair.

Apply to Body: Now take another dollop of the product into your hand (or onto a washcloth or loofah if you use one). Apply it to your body, starting from the neck and working your way down. Use circular motions to create a lather.

Special Attention: Pay special attention to areas that are particularly sweaty or dirty, like the armpits, back, and feet.

Rinse Off: After you've applied the product all over your body, rinse thoroughly under the shower. Make sure there's no residual product left on your skin or hair.

Final Rinse: Once you've rinsed off the product, you might want to turn the water temperature down for a final rinse. This can help close your pores and hair cuticles, making your skin and hair feel refreshed.

Dry Off: Step out of the shower or bath, and pat yourself dry with a towel. Avoid vigorous rubbing as it can irritate your skin and cause frizz in your hair.


  • Condition Hair: If your hair needs extra conditioning, you may still want to use a separate conditioner after using the combined hair and body wash.
  • Apply Moisturiser: For additional skin hydration, apply a body lotion or moisturiser after drying off.


  • Always read the directions on the specific product you're using, as some may have unique application instructions.


  • Aqua, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Glycerin, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside, Citrus grandis Peel Oil -1% Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Glyceryl Oleate, Coco-Glucoside, Levulinic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder2, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Phytate, Parfume

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Patch Testing

Start by cleansing a small area of your skin that is easily accessible, such as the inner forearm or behind the ear. Gently wash the area with a mild cleanser and pat dry with a soft towel.

Apply a small amount of the 24K Gold Hyaluronic Serum to the cleansed area. Use your fingertip or a cotton swab to spread a thin, even layer of the serum on the skin. Avoid applying the product to broken or irritated skin.

Observation Period:
Allow the serum to fully dry and absorb into the skin. Leave the patch untouched for 24 hours to observe any potential reactions.

Monitor for Reactions:
During the 24-hour period, carefully monitor the patch for any signs of redness, itching, irritation, swelling, or discomfort. If you experience any of these symptoms, remove the serum immediately using mild cleanser and water.

After the 24-hour observation period, examine the patch test area. If there are no negative reactions or signs of irritation, such as redness or discomfort, it is generally safe to proceed with using the 24K Gold Hyaluronic Serum on your face.


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Recycling & Zero Waste

This Buddha Beauty product comes in a 100ml plastic jar or 100ml eco aluminium tin. Both are recyclable.

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Secret to Soft Glowing Skin

"From rinse to relax. Our body wash makes every shower an opulent spa getaway."

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Product FAQ

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"Can I use hair and body wash every day?"

While it is generally safe to use hair and body wash daily, overuse can strip your skin and hair of natural oils, leading to dryness. If you have dry or sensitive skin, or dry and damaged hair, consider using the product less frequently or supplementing with moisturizers and conditioners.

"Are there hair and body wash products for different skin conditions, like acne or psoriasis?"

Some brands offer specialized hair and body washes for certain skin conditions. However, these are usually not as targeted in their treatment as dedicated products. Consult a healthcare provider for specific concerns.

"Can hair and body wash replace shampoo and conditioner?"

While a hair and body wash cleans both body and hair, it may not offer the conditioning benefits that a separate conditioner provides. You may still want to use a separate conditioner, especially if you have dry or damaged hair.

"How much product should I use?"

The amount may vary based on the concentration of the product and your personal needs. Start with a small amount and adjust as needed. Some concentrated formulas may require less product to be effective.

"Can I use hair and body wash for shaving?"

While not specifically designed for shaving, some people find that hair and body wash can work in a pinch. However, it may not provide the same level of lubrication or skin protection as a dedicated shaving cream or gel.