Skin Care

Skin Care

Enjoy Affordable New Cruelty Free Skin Care Products Today!


When was the last time that you were truly thrilled with your beauty routine? We've all seen our favourite cleansers and moisturisers get replaced by better products and today that is probably what will happen! Here at Buddha Beauty Skincare, we believe in cruelty free skin care products that can clean your complexion and leave you smiling. We have a wide range of products available for people of all skin types. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom beauty supplies, you've come to the right place. Let's highlight a few of our best cruelty free skin care products, below!

If you start your day with a cleanser, you might want to reach for our White Grapefruit Daily Cleansing Wash. This cruelty free cleansing wash features grapefruit essential oil which carries a tangy and tart aroma that leaves you feeling revitalised. This creamy foam will brighten your complexion while simultaneously getting rid of impurities.

For shoppers looking to grab a cruelty free face mask, you need to look only at the vegan Purifying Pink Face Mask with Rose Extract Mask. Our vegan face mask features all the aforementioned ingredients as well as bentonite and kaolin, two organic clays perfect for removing toxins and fighting inflammation. Apply your Purifying Pink Face Mask with Rose Extract for fifteen minutes before washing with warm water for maximum benefits.

Buddha Beauty Skincare was founded on the idea that cruelty free vegan skin care can benefit everyone. With a focus on handmade products featuring organic and all-natural ingredients,Buddha Beauty Skincare offers unbeatable benefits. When you shop at Buddha Beauty Skincare, you will find skincare products for every member of the family and every task in the home. From body and bath to skincare for your feet, face, and hands, Buddha Beauty Skincare is here to help!