Men's Facial Roller

  • £9.50

Facial Roller for Men 

Maximise your skincare routine by incorporating this jade roller to massage your skin and stimulate your circulation. Facial rolling is a popular massage technique that promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. Use this product after applying your skincare.


  • Stimulate your circulation
  • Promotes a healthy, glowing complexion
  • Instant visible glow

How to use

Apply your usual skincare products and get rolling.

Start with cheeks and jaw. Place the large end of the jade roller on your chin, apply medium pressure and roll it towards your ears along the jawline. Repeat in the same spot 5 times, then move up along your cheek. Repeat on both sides.

Now move to your forehead. Starting in the centre of your forehead, use the large end to roll towards your ears. Repeat the same motion 5 times then switch to the opposite side. 

As the under-eye area is delicate, use the small end of the roller to apply a light pressure, rolling from the inner eye towards the outer corner. Repeat 10 to 15 times and switch to the other eye.

For the brows use the same movements as for the under-eye areas. 

For crows feet, use the small end of the roller and apply a medium pressure, moving rapidly up and down on the corner of your eye. Repeat on both sides.