Therapeutic Massage Oil

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Fragrance Free Therapeutic Massage Oil 250ml

Containing sunflower oil rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid, this Therapeutic Massage Oil is an ideal, natural skin cleanser for sensitive skin types. It stimulates cellular turnover in skin and, combined with a smooth glide action, acts as an excellent medium for massage. By delivering essential oils into the body, along with hydrating vitamin E, this oil will maintain your skin's protective layer, limit moisture loss, and promote silky soft and supple skin.

As sunflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the flower, this carrier oil is perfect for those who may suffer with nut allergies. Sunflower oil can also be massaged into the hair and scalp with benefits such as hair follicle growth and hair strengthening.
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  • Natural skin cleanser
  • Helps you sleep
  • Stimulates cellular turnover in skin
How to use

Pour a small amount of oil into your palm, rub your palms together to generate heat then massage the oil into the skin, applying more as needed.


Vitis Vinifera, Tocopherol.

Recycling & Zero Waste

Our massage oil bottles are fully recyclable other than the pump, so we have created a refill option which comes with a silver screw cap instead. After purchasing one product with a pump you can recycle the bottle and use the pump in the refill bottle. The pumps can be used multiple times, helping to reduce environmental detriment.